Nike+ FuelBand SE - Review

I have already reviewed the Polar Loop, but in fact, my first ever wrist worn activity tracker was the Nike+ FuelBand, which I later upgraded for the newer SE model. In comparison, there are only few changed or added features compared to the previous generation, the most important being Bluetooth LE connectivity. This means, that the band is connected to your mobile iOS or Android device all the time and you do not have to manually sync it...

The design of this band is amazing. It is simple and elegant, yet modern. The comfort is slightly compromised compared to other fitness trackers because of the stiff body, but this does not make the band unusable nor uncomfortable by any means.

When I review products like tablets or PCs, I like to talk about the performance, but there is nothing really to talk about here, it works as it should. Connectivity is what you would expect, as I mentioned earlier, Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy for continuous connection. There are not that many thing to like or dislike.

However Nike included some details which I really appreciate. For example the inclusion of the full sized USB port is a big plus, because you do not need to take any cables or extensions with you when you are traveling and you can charge the b and just by plugging it into a laptop. The features which could be added are sleep tracking, which did not bother me too much, but the absence of waterproofing meant I had to find another product. You can wear it in a shower, but you cannot go swimming with it.

I would definitely recommend the FuelBand SE if you like the design and you live in the Nike+ ecosystem, but if you are not keen on the design, there are better options for less money...

If you would like to watch my video review, you can do so here:

You can also check out my Polar Loop review.

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