Google Pixel: The Perfect Flagship, One Year Late

Google has the Nexus program, to show, how manufacturers should use Android. Well, not anymore. There is something new, with a similar, albeit slightly extended intention. The "Pixel" phones. Very simply called Pixel and Pixel XL, for the 5" and 5.5" versions respectively. However, these are supposedly not only "guides" for manufacturers and devices running stock Android for nerds, but they want to be a competition for the iPhones and highest-end Samsung phones. These are fully polished products.

Google Chromecast - Why everyone should own one

In doesn't matter, whether you are a Google fanboy or not, you have probably at least heard of the Chromecast. For the 1 % reading this and not knowing, it's a small thumb-drive like device, which plugs into your TV via a standard HDMI port and can be used to watch content from the internet on a bigger screen than the one on your smartphone. A pretty simple idea.

Tesla Autopilot - The Future or a Ticking Time Bomb?

What it is

Just like in airplanes, Autopilot is a driver assistance system, designed to make (especially long-distance) travelling less stressful. However, that means, that like in airplanes, the driver is still responsible and should be able to take control at any time. This current system is very good for motorway driving and traffic jams.

What Apple needs to do in 2016 [post-WWDC]

Many think that Apple is no longer innovating as it used to. That may be partially true, because Apple is following Google and Microsoft in regards to putting more focus on services. However, that doesn't change the fact, that some things should be improved, or downright fixed.

Nexus 7 2013 - Review after 2 years

As a technology lover, I have gone through many tablets. My first tablet was the iPad 2. A device, which didn’t have a clear purpose, yet I used it the most, compared to my phone and laptop at that time. Fast forward a few years later, I no longer own an iPad. I decided to try out Android, and what better way, than with an affordable Android tablet with guaranteed software updates. The Nexus 7 is clearly a tablet designed for masses. It’s not premium, but surprisingly solid. Just by looking at it, it doesn’t seem like a sub-200 $ tablet.

Android Wear with an iPhone

I have switched from my OnePlus One to an iPhone. The iPhone 6S Plus. The overall experience is definitely better, but that’s not what I want to talk about. I still had my LG G Watch R, so I decided to pair it with an iPhone and see how it goes.

2015 Christmas Wearable buying guide

The Holiday shopping season is here and you are most likely the only person from the entire family who cannot decide what to get for the close ones. It has been said many times, that the year 2015 is the year of wearable technology. We got 2nd wave of Android Wear smartwatches, the first round Samsung watch, an enormous number of new fitness tracker, and probably the most important thing, the Apple Watch went on sale. There are important choices to be made.