Polar Loop - Review

I am a huge fan of new technology and fitness trackers seem to pick up some speed. They are becoming more and more popular not only for geeks, but also for average people. I have been a long time Nike+ FuelBand SE user, but I had to find a more suitable tracker, because I go swimming four times a week. The FuelBand is not waterproof just water resistant, so you cannot take it for a swim.

I did have a couple of options, but I decided to go with the Polar Loop because of the price and features. I do not like Garmin products because their web service is leggy and far from reliable.

Long story short:
The design is okay, but I preferred the more flashy FuelBand. Features are similar and I appreciate sleep tracking, but the Loop does not have any form of silent alarm (vibration motor). There are not that many things to say, because it does everything it is supposed to do. The main annoyance is the battery life of max. 3 days if you check the time and sync often. The proprietary charging cable does not help either.

If you want to see a more detailed review, be sure to check the video:

You can also check out my Nike+ FuelBand SE Review.

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