Google announced Android Wear

Google recently announced a new version of their famous mobile operating system. This time not designed for smartphones and tablets, but as the name suggests, wearables. Google showed it off on a couple of new smartwatches, the more ordinary looking LG G Watch and first round smartwatch, Moto 360.
As earlier reports suggested, the OS relies heavily on Google Now. It should give you relevant information at just the right time and we will see whether this works in practice, but the promo videos look quite good. In my opinion, this is how a smartwatch (or any other wearable) should work. You do not need all the features from your smartphone on your wrist, but the most important and relevant information.
Google could also get into the home automation game with the recent purchase of Nest. At the end of the demo video Google shows this watch opening a garage. We do not know any details as of writing this article, but we should get more details in the summer.

The LG G Watch should be released pretty soon, followed by the classier looking Moto 360. We expect the G Watch to be a cheaper more accessible option with all the basic features. The Moto 360 will be a premium option for people who are willing to pay more for design and probably some extra features…

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